Crossing the Porta de l'Cel 4 days / 3 nights

Experience in Lladorre

Rutas guiadas
Edad mínima
The minimum age is 16 years.
No se necesitan conocimientos técnicos.
No se necesita material.
No se necesita el certificado de salud.

In this transnational guided crossing, you will reach the summit of Pica d'Estats, the highest peak in Catalonia. The route also passes through the largest glacial lake in Catalonia, Lake Certascan. These peaks and the many ponds that gave the circuit its name. The sky, the clouds, their reflection in the lakes and the snow which are present in some sections until August, create the feeling of starting the path towards the Gate of Heaven.

This route is also special because it crosses the French border, without barriers or customs, because the mountain does not know these imaginary lines that men have invented.

Much of the route is located in the Alt Pirineu Natural Park. Created in 2003, it is the largest park in Catalonia. It is an area of great natural value and continuously exploited, which has generated important cultural values derived from human activity.

The circuit connects 4 shelters, that of Certascan, that of Pinet, that of Vallferrera and that of the Bordes de Graus campsite. Pass through the village of Tavascan and visit the Alt Pirineu Natural Park. The accumulated elevation gain is 5550 meters at a distance of 65 km.


Day 1: Tavascan - Certascan refuges

Meeting in Tavascan with the guide. Presentation, review of equipment and start of the course

Distance: 15.6 km | Elevation gain: 1760m + / 639m- | Effective time: 7h

Day 2: Refuge Certascan - Refuge Pinet

Distance: 12.6 km | Elevation gain: 1,258 m + / 1,249 m- | Effective time: 7h

Day 3: Refuge Pinet - Refuge Vallferrera

Distance: 11.61 km | Elevation gain: 1,263 m + / 1,372 m- | Effective time: 7h

Day 4: Refuge Vallferrera - Tavascan

Distance: 17.7 km | Elevation gain: 1,174 m + / 1,967 m- | Effective time :: 8h

Note: The planned route may vary depending on weather conditions and shelter availability .

Physical requirement:

This is a high mountain trekking route. Participants must be used to walking in mountainous terrain for several hours with a significant accumulated elevation (daily average of 7h, 14km and 1300m +)

Essential individual equipment:

Footwear: hiking shoes and mountain socks. Crocs type shoes for resting Mountain clothing: waterproof jacket and windbreaker, thermal mid-layer. Comfortable and breathable clothing. Long pants. Gloves, hat and front. For the rain: poncho and waterproof backpack cover For the sun: sunglasses and sunscreen, lip cream and hat Sleeping: sleeping bag Telescopic hiking poles