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Gavarnie Festival

A unique festival at an altitude of 1500m and at the foot of the glacial cirque of Gavarnie, an unforgettable experience for all lovers of adventure and art.

Since 1985 in the "colosseum" formed by the circus, plays, operas, myths, tales, etc. are suitable. mixing different types of artistic disciplines, in a popular and intergenerational show.

In previous years, it was possible to enjoy works such as:

"The Thousand and One Nights", in 1994.

"Figaro" by Beaumarchais and Mozart, in 2000.

"The three musketeers", in 2006

Cervantes' "El Quijote", in 2019, the last edition of the festival.

This 2021 the play will be “Alice in Wonderland”, a play canceled in 2020. It will be staged by the Théâtre Fébus company and under the artistic direction of Bruno Spiesser, both celebrating their fourteenth edition at the festival.

The festival is accessible by coach (provided by the organization) and by car.

Ticket sales and other information can be found on the festival website.